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The Real Reason for Weight Gain

It is no secret that the United States of America is largely over weight compared to the rest of the industrialized world. To understand why this may be we need to take a step back and examine our habits and our culture. The habits that we have acquired over our history as a nation as led us to a health crisis that is near to it’s precipice. It is possible to change and replace bad habits with better ones but first we must be aware of the bad habits and it’s negative effects. So, let’s take a closer look at these bad habits that are so negatively affecting our nation’s health.


Sugar is in mostly every single thing we eat and if it doesn’t contain sugar it probably metabolizes as sugar. The United States has become engulfed by sugar and is very much addicted to this cocaine of the food world. Raw all natural sugar is one thing but now you have to worry and watch out for processed and GMO sugar. If natural sugar is the cocaine of the food world then high fructose corn syrup is it’s crack. This unnatural, processed sugar can be found in almost literally everything from cereal to bread and even makes up the brunt of some products such as imitation maple syrup.

The amount of sugar a man is suppose to intake a day is about 22 grams and for women it is 24 grams. A recent study shows that the average person now consumes somewhere around 153 grams of sugar in a day. This should make you very concerned as we witness a time where cancer is on the rise and has become quite common. Cancer actually occurs in everyone at one point in their life and the determining factor is whether or not your body is able to fight it off. Your sugar consumption comes greatly into play as cancer cells feed on sugar.

It is rather natural for you to crave things that are sweet and there is a reason for this, this is where the weight gain comes into play. Back in our history when our ancestors were hunter gatherers and preparation had to take place for a famine that could take place at any moment people had to but on extra weight to get them through the months with little food available. Eating sweet and sugary foods was the way to do this as your body will burn the sugar rather than your fat for energy. The problem now a days is that we have flooded our food source with sugars of all kinds and now there is no famine.


Toxins are a nothing thing we have flooded our food source with as we have change out the natural for the quick and easy processed way. Life is busy and eating healthy can be timely and complicated. So, in comes the industrialization of our food source and the motivation to lower quality while pushing over consumption on the market becomes the new way. Ladies and gentlemen we have reached a critical mass where there are only six companies who own the majority of our food source and guess what… they are not concerned with your health. The market has become flooded with toxic, processed foods that you pop in the microwave and blast with radiation. We have gotten so far from what is natural and the way things were created to be that companies now have to pay money to get special labels that say “organic” or “NON-GMO” when our ancestors use to simply call it food.

It is not only food you have to worry about now when it comes to toxins. Toxins have found their way into every facet of our lives and are also in our water, air and the countless products we consume and use on a daily basis. When a toxin enters your body, your body will go into defense mode and in order to protect itself will wrap the toxin in a little bit of fat and some water and store it away. So, you can imagine how the more toxins you have in your body the more weight and fat your body puts on.

So, if you want to break it down to make it simple, keep in mind the actions themselves will be a bit challenging, the best ways to start shedding those unwanted pounds is to cut way down on the sugar intake, eliminate toxins from your life and detox. As mentioned before… sugar is highly addictive so cutting down on how much you take in will be difficult. I recommend doing a 28 day no sugar detox… that’s right… cold turkey.

Since our nation is so engulfed with this substance and everyone mostly likely is somewhat addicted to it I suggest going completely without it for 28 days. At this time you should also be adding healthy, natural fats to your diet. Your body will begin to burn fat for energy since it will not be taking in any sugars. Once the 28 days is over you can start adding natural sugars back into your diet. You may want to look into sugar free recipes for your favorite sweet item made with a health sugar substitute alternative. This will help you get over the hump and fight the cravings that you are sure to have.

The next step you can take to start shedding some fat is eliminate toxins from your life. This may require you to become knowledgeable of what toxins are and how to look for them. Once you do this you can start looking for replacement products that are toxin free or in some cases purchase products that remove toxins from your water source or air. Detoxing will help you to eliminate the toxins that you have already acquired and there are plenty of products to choose from that can help you with pulling toxins out of your body. To name a few I like to use Isagenix and also bentonite clay. Maximized Living also has an option available for daily detox as well. Becoming aware of the true reasons for weight gain will allow you to see what the proper steps are that need to be taken to start shedding fat. Do these things and you are sure to drop some LB’s just in time for summer.