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3 effective exercises to burn your belly fat

Belly fat makes most of us uncomfortable. You cannot wear your favorite dress, and your body looks unattractive when you have belly fat. Here are three effective exercises to burn your belly fat.

Squat to rotating press

First, you need to stand with your feet slightly apart. You should hold the dumbbells together in front of your body. Push your hips back while bending your knees to get into the squat position. You should press through heels to extend your legs as you bring weights up to your chest. You should press weights overhead as the upper body rotates right. Then return to the start. Repeat these movements on the opposite side as well.

Reaching row

Take a pair of dumbbells. Stand with your right foot forward. You should lower into a lunge and hinge forward. You need to reach dumbbells down towards the feet. You must then bend your left elbow behind the body and pull weight in front of the shoulder. When the arm extends to the floor, you should bend your right elbow behind the body to switch sides.

Triceps extension

You should get a pair of dumbbells, and then balance them on the right leg with a slightly bent knee. The left leg will be extended low behind the hip. You must hold the dumbbells behind the head and keep elbows bent near the ears. Your abs must feel tighter. You then bend your left knee in front of the hip as your arms extend to the ceiling. Don’t lower the left foot to the floor. Then slowly return to the starting point.

You must do these exercises three to four times a week. You should do one set of these exercises back to back. The full circuit must be done three times. You will see that you are burning your belly fat within a very short time.

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